What You Can Save with a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners are known to be environmentally safe because they don’t emit unsafe gasses or chemicals and produce a lot of heat. But what can you save when you use them for pool cleaning?



Number one would be money. Most of us don’t buy machines that are unreasonably high with low-performance levels. We look at the price tag and consider it before making a purchase. Good thing robotic pool cleaners can save a lot of money. That’s because they are energy efficient. You will no longer have to fret about the expensive electric bill when you have this. Automatic pool cleaners don’t require you to hire professional pool cleaners too, which means you will also be able to save money in that aspect. Plus, even though they are a bit expensive (some even cost around $500), you will save money in the long run because pool services begin at around $100 per hour or about $200 for every month. If you have a public pool, it’ll even cost more. This means with a robotic pool cleaner; you’ll be able to save a lot of money.

Physical Energy

Yup, you’ll conserve a lot of physical energy when you have an automatic pool cleaner too. I mean, who prefers cleaning the entire pool manually anyway? Robotic pool cleaners nowadays are so easy to use and maintain. You just plug them and let them clean your pool for two and a half hours. The only maintenance step you need to be aware of is the removal of its own filter. Just empty out the debris and water from its filter, and that’s it! No more backwashing! A robotic pool cleaner is a great tool to have because it works separately from your pool’s filtration system. These cleaners have cartridges or filter bags that are located on top of the machine to be accessed quickly.



Aside from the money and physical energy you can save, robot pool cleaners will also allow you to save water. Remember what I said about these gadgets having their own filter bags? It turns out that feature helps you avoid wasting water because of backwashing. Robotic pool cleaners and their independent filtration system is clearly an intelligent combination.

Pool Chemicals

Here’s another good news for you: You can also lessen the use of pool chemicals such as chlorine when you have an automatic cleaner. The robot will decrease the bacteria, dust, and dirt in your pool, making it cleaner than before you had one. And if you have a cleaner pool, you don’t have to use a lot of chemicals to make the pool water sanitary. That’s a good thing especially since too much chemicals can irritate your skin. Too much chlorine can be itchy and could cause burning eyes, sore throats, and smelly skin. Yikes!



Lastly, you’ll benefit from a robotic cleaner because it saves time for pool cleaning. It makes the process quicker and better compared to when you do it manually. You’ll also be glad to know that these cleaners don’t require babysitting. They’re smart enough to move around your pool once they arrive at corners. Some models can climb walls and stairs too! What an excellent advantage!

So you see, you’re not only saving money with a robotic pool cleaner, but you’ll also save energy, water, pool chemicals, and time. Those are all the reasons you need to buy one today from Kurt’s website!