How Buying a Coffee Maker with Grinder Can Save You Money

A coffee maker that comes with a grinder can save more money than purchasing two different machines—one for brewing and one for grinding. Aside from that, a two-in-one device offers more features than their solo counterparts

Here are the advantages you could enjoy with a coffee maker that comes with its own grinder:

They can make espresso and cappuccino


Most coffee makers with grinder come with a spout that creates steam for when you want to make cappuccinos, lattes, and hot water for hot chocolate or tea.  They also make espresso, which is a huge advantage considering you have a limited budget and can’t buy another espresso machine. Note that not all coffee makers can make espresso, so this is an advantage you’ll enjoy in the long run.

They offer lots of settings

Quality coffee makers like the ones in this great inspiration source offer more than just one or two settings. They allow you to choose from five or six grind choices and eight strength settings. This means you can experiment with various types of coffee bean and brew strengths. You can even go further as to calibrate the strength settings whenever you brew a different kind of coffee bean. Brewing has never been this fun! And that’s all thanks to the impressive features of a coffee maker + grinder. With their automatic strength settings, you also won’t have to waste your time trying to get a consistent brew every single time.

They start automatically

Cuisinart-DGB-900BC-1What can be more money-worthy than a machine that wakes you up with an aromatic coffee scent? This type of device can start automatically after being set even 24 hours before. This makes it a lot easier for you to ready yourself in the morning. An auto-start feature is always reliable, especially on days when you know you’re not motivated enough to go to work or to leave your bed at all.

They come with burr grinders

Another thing you’ll love about coffee makers with grinders is that the grinder type isn’t blade. Burr grinders have been slowly replacing blade ones because they offer more taste and consistency to the brew. Burr grinders are the wiser choice because they keep the flavor as real as it can be for you. For someone who’s concerned about money, burr grinders are already a great investment.

They are easy to maintain


Lastly, coffee makers + grinders are easier to maintain compared to when you use a different machine for every different task. That’s because aside from only occupying one area in your countertop, you’ll only be cleaning one device! That’s less-pressuring than cleaning two machines. Besides, when you know you just have to deal with one, then you’ll clean it more often than you would with two varying devices. It’s a sort of psychological trick for yourself.